“A Must-see Documentary… LuLu will absolutely charm you precisely because she is not trying to.”

LA Weekly                                                             

“Unexpected humor and self reflection… are recorded with raw immediacy.  Asian and LGBT fests will line up for this audience puller.”


“Highly Recommended… Moments of reflection and angst become all the more poignant because of the film’s humor and frequently celebratory tone”


“But relationship, and not cancer, is the heartbeat of the film.  LuLu’s deep and engaging friendship with Casper is a testament to love and how powerful and influential another person can be in our lives.”

Psychology Today

“LuLu’s feisty nature, humour, language, determination to maximise her time by making every day an adventure and her love towards Casper cannot fail to win you over.”

-The Lancet Oncology

“It’s a beautifully stark testimony about the tenacity of love and enduring friendship, and it offers a sort of raw, honest, and, yes, funny, look at mortality.”

– SheWired

“It’s showcasing the intimacies of this remarkable friendship that seems so nuanced and lovely. This isn’t just a story about cancer, it’s a story about love.”

After Ellen

“At its core The LuLu Sessions is a completely unconventional love story – an intimate and deeply personal portrait of two people confronting a terminal illness with honesty, laughter and love.”

Q Doc

“Remarkable story of cancer researcher facing her own diagnosis”

The Record

“It’s the story of two women, but it’s a universal story. So. Go see it.”

The Lady Garden

“Wong and Nutter embark on a wonderful, brave, and often touching journey… humor carries the film”


“The Film has won audiences over.”

San Diego City Times

“Wong is not only a sensitive and perceptive filmmaker…this film is a story you won’t soon forget.”

DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival   – WINNER George C. Lin Emerging Filmmaker Award; WINNER Best Documentary Feature

“It’s hard to think of a fiction film without death or love. Yet when it comes to documentary, these are perhaps the uncanniest, most tenuous topics of all, ones that defy the genre of realism precisely because we have such a hard time believing that they are real to begin with.

A piercing work of personal documentary, THE LULU SESSIONS has no illusions about such topics, yet brings us to the brink of grasping both.”

San Diego Asian American Film Festival – WINNER Special Jury Award

” Something intensely magical is captured on screen…The LuLu Sessions is a magnificent, emotional film that refuses to shy away from the sad, unsightly realities of death and, specifically, death by cancer. But there is far more to this moving documentary than sadness and death. Tenderly revealed is the inexplicable beauty, calmness, clarity and truth that can emerge from the depths of something so painful. In all things dark, so there is light, and The LuLu Sessions masters a strong depiction of both.”

Toronto LGBT Film Festival – WINNER Second Place in Audience Award Competition for Best Documentary

“It earned this distinction (of Opening Night Film) entirely on its own merits.  This is a film that will get under your skin and you will wear this out of the theater and take it home with you…This is a film that I experienced frame by frame.  I watch films to make a connection.  The films that mean the most to me are ones that feel real and compelling.  This one touched me in ways that are difficult to describe in mere words.”

– Austin GLBT Film Festival –Opening Night Film

The LuLu Sessions offers us insight not only into a deeply connected relationship but the beginning of an intimacy between two women that outgrows our understanding of friendship and partnership – and maybe even life.  The LuLu Sessions is not only a work about limits, but, at least for many moments, their very suspension.”

LA Asian Pacific American Film Festival– Nominated for the Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary

“LuLu is one of the greatest documentary subjects I’ve ever seen on film. The film reminds me a lot of Silverlake Life.”

Doug Block, Director of 51 Birch Street, The Kids Grow Up

 Lulu is an unforgettable character! Full of passion and spitfire. I couldn’t stop watching even though I had a mountain of films to screen.”

–  Debra Zimmerman, Executive Director, Women Make Movies


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