“Unexpected humor… raw immediacy”
– Variety

“A Must-See Documentary”
L.A. Weekly

Unexpected humor and self reflection… are recorded with raw immediacy.  Asian and LGBT fests will line up for this audience puller.”

“Something intensely magical is captured on screen…Tenderly revealed is the inexplicable beauty, calmness, clarity and truth that can emerge from the depths of something so painful. In all things dark, so there is light, and The LuLu Sessions masters a strong depiction of both.”
Inside Out, Toronto LGBT Film Festival

LuLu will absolutely charm you 
precisely because she’s not trying to.”
– L.A. Weekly

The LuLu Sessions offers us insight not only into a deeply connected relationship but the beginning of an intimacy between two women that outgrows our understanding of friendship and partnership – and maybe even life.  The LuLu Sessions is not only a work about limits, but, at least for many moments, their very suspension.”
– L.A. Asian Pacific Film Festival

“LuLu is one of the greatest documentary subjects I’ve ever seen on film. The film reminds me a lot of Silverlake Life.”
Doug Block, Director of 51 Birch Street, The Kids Grow Up

“Lulu is an unforgettable character! Full of passion and spitfire. I couldn’t stop watching even though I had a mountain of films to screen.”
Debra Zimmerman, Executive Director, Women Make Movies

Review by one of our co-sponsors for screening at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival!

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